BBB Serves Over 2.3 Million Locally In 2016 And Releases Top Ten Lists

April 05, 2017
DAYTON, OHIO, April 5, 2017 - Your Better Business Bureau continued to serve thousands each month as they searched for trustworthy businesses and nonprofits to work with in 2016. To those looking for businesses to hire, your BBB is the resource to find unbiased and reliable information that evaluates the trustworthiness of companies based on a set of high standards so they can have confidence in their choices. Today, your BBB releases its top ten industries for inquiries and complaints across the Miami Valley in 2016.  
In 2016, your BBB provided over 2.3 million instances of service locally. Most people were checking companies out before making purchases. More than 1.2 million Business Profiles on area businesses were requested in 2016. Your BBB also handled over 5,500 complaints last year. Its Web site,, had over one million separate Web site visits in 2016 with over two million Web pages viewed. 
Your Better Business Bureau is releasing its 2016 top ten industries for the Miami Valley. The first list is the most inquired about industries. The second lists the industries which received the most complaints in 2016.
Top Ten Inquiries
1. Credit Cards & Plans 
2.Home Improvement *
3. Tree Service
4.Roofing Contractors
5.Heating & Air Conditioning
7. Auto Repair & Service
8. Landscape Contractors
9. Used Car Dealers
Top Ten Complaints
1. Credit Cards & Plans
2. Financial Services
3.Home Improvement * 
3. Furniture - Retail
4. Tree Service  
5. New Car Dealers 
6. Health Maintenance Organizations 
7.Heating & Air Conditioning 
8. Real Estate Investors  
9.Used Car Dealers
10.Roofing Contractors
* Includes General Contractors, Construction & Remodeling Services and Home Improvement Contractors
Locally, financial services is new to the top ten complaint list with a 346 percent increase in complaints over 2015. The increase in complaints is directly related to a local business that does business nationally. All complaints against this company nationwide are handled by this BBB. Due to a government action, this company suspended its customer contracts, but did not refund money to dissatisfied customers. The company also reduced staff significantly. Due to interrupted service and difficulty reaching the company, BBB experienced a spike in inquiries, customers reviews and complaints in this industry.
Health maintenance organizations are also new to the top ten complaints list with a 119 percent increase in complaints. Again, a large BBB Accredited Business headquartered in Dayton, OH is impacting the statistics in this industry. All complaints against this company nationwide are handled by this BBB. The company has seen much success and growth over the past year. However, healthcare has become more complicated causing many to explore healthcare plans more than ever, which has led to the increase in complaints.
Similarly, retail furnishing stores also had a dramatic increase in complaints, 69 percent increase. Two BBB Accredited Businesses with multiple locations/markets are at the root of the increase. Both retailers are leaders in sales volume - more customers tends to lead to the possibility of more complaints. Plus, one of the businesses had a couple of marketing promotions that caused some confusion for customers.
John North, president and CEO of Better Business Bureau serving Dayton and the Miami Valley, says, “Our community and the businesses that thrive within it strive to do the right thing with rare exception. But, we can never take things for granted and should always check out businesses and charities before doing business with them. Your BBB is here to help. You can contact our office for lists of BBB Accredited Businesses and Charities, as will as Business Reviews and charity reports on ones you’re considering. And, of course, we’re always here to help you with marketplace disputes. You can access BBB services 24/7 by visiting or calling (937) 222-5825 or (800) 776-5301.”
Additional information about the industries on your Better Business Bureau’s top ten lists is on the attached page.
About Your BBB Serving Dayton and the Miami Valley
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