BBB Warns Job Seekers Of Job Postings Phishing For Information

October 31, 2016
DAYTON, OHIO, October 31, 2016 - In October, BBB has heard from multiple job seekers who came across construction company job offers that weren’t what they seemed. The job seekers report after visiting the companies’ Web sites, they were asked to be interviewed via Google Hangouts. During these interviews, they were asked for personal information, including bank account details.
After completing the Google Hangout interviews, several job seekers became suspicious and contacted the alleged companies for additional information. The companies’ representatives failed to answer basic questions, such as why the company needed the job seekers’ age and gender. Company representatives also failed to provide addresses and phone numbers. One consumer even asked the company representative what position he was being considered for only to receive a list of positions. The consumer claims he did not apply for any of them.
The two company names being used are Chavis Construction Company and Starrod Construction Company (also referred to as StarRod Company, Star Rod Company). The Web sites for the companies ( and are basic sites featuring the same stock photos. Both list the same address and telephone number. However, the address on the Web site doesn’t include a street number. The telephone number has a 917 area code which represents New York. The phone is a non-fixed VOIP, which means anyone can get the number and it’s usually untraceable and disposable. In fact, they can be easily obtained by users who are not located in the country associated with the phone number. Both Web sites were created in the August/September timeframe via Neither company is registered with the Ohio Secretary of State. BBB staff have reached out to the companies via telephone and e-mail and gotten no response.
BBB’s Scam Tracker, a tool which provides consumers across North America with a place to report scams and fraud and to warn others of malicious or suspicious activities, took nearly 1,500 reports of employment scams between January 1 and September 30, 2016. Consumers reported losses of more than $10.6 million during this time period or an average loss of nearly $7,100 each.
Better Business Bureau offers tips to help you avoid employment scams:
  • Remember it’s easy for scammers to create e-mails, Web sites and online job applications that look very professional. 
  • Be cautious of anyone who wants to interview you only over the phone, asks you to wire money for supplies or other upfront expenses or asks you to fill out an online form that asks for personal data like your Social Security Number or bank account. 
  • Be especially cautious of offers that claim you can make big money with no experience necessary. 
  • Never wire money to secure a job offer.
  • Keep in mind some positions are more likely to be scams. Always be wary of work from home, secret shopper positions or any job with a generic title, such as caregiver or customer service representative. These positions often don’t require special training or licensing, so they appeal to a wide range of applicants. Scammers know this so they use these kinds of titles as a hook.
  • If a job looks suspicious, search for it online. If the result comes up in other cities with the exact same job post, it is likely a scam. 
  • Watch out for on-the-spot job offers. You may be an excellent candidate for the job, but beware of offers made without an in-person interview. A real company will want to talk to a candidate before hiring him or her.
  • Look for other warning signs. Watch out for communications riddled with typos and bad grammar. If a job posting claims it pays significantly higher than comparable jobs, that’s a warning sign. If the “hiring manager” is very persistent in his or her communication with you, that’s another red flag. 
John North, president and CEO of BBB serving Dayton and the Miami Valley, shares, “It’s important to think about protecting your identity in all that you do, whether it’s looking for a job, shopping online, tossing paperwork in the trash or handling your mail. Scammers take advantage of every opportunity to get your personal information and go into business as you. Start With Trust the next time you’re looking for employment by turning to your BBB. It can provide you with Business Reviews on companies you’re considering. Visit or call (937) 222-5825 or (800) 776-5301.”
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