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These BBB blog articles are contributed by our Torch Bearer sponsors, companies that support marketplace integrity. They see integrity as a key factor in creating a stronger, healthier business community. The articles cover a variety of issues from professional development to industry-specific advice. These industry experts share their knowledge to help you navigate the Miami Valley marketplace.


  • 10 Things to Consider When Purchasing New Windows

    By David Grusenmeyer, Affordable Glass and Mirror, Inc.

    Purchasing new windows can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t know what to expect or look for. Whether they’re new windows or you’re replacing some old ones, there’s plenty of planning and research necessary beforehand. As with any contractor entering your home, there’s a safety issue. Inviting a stranger into your house can be unsettling and brings about the need for thorough investigation before you settle on a contractor. Here are ten things to consider when purchasing windows:

    Posted Date: 08/17/2017

  • Five Steps To Patio Building

    By Joe Leopard, Joe’s Landscaping of Beavercreek, Inc.

    STEP 1: What’s the purpose of your new patio?

    - For dining
    - For grilling
    - For around a pool/hot tub or fire pit

    Figuring out the reason behind your desire for a new patio is the best way to start planning the layout and functionality of your new patio.

    Posted Date: 08/09/2017

  • Let’s talk about the big “S” word in banking… “SAVINGS!”

    By Neal Ratliff, WesBanco Bank, Inc.

    Well, it doesn’t have to be big and daunting, because savings shouldn’t feel daunting at all. You may think saving is hard, but really it can be simple and easy. For example, you can save money just by packing your lunch and taking it to work, instead of going out to lunch. If you spent $2 every day for lunch for a year (I’m talking “dollar menu” lunch here), that is $730 you could be saving, and that’s just $2 a day. Just think if you spend $5 dollars (which may be a little more realistic) a day on lunch for a year, that’s $1,825. By now, I’m sure you get the point. So, you’re probably wondering, “Are there other options besides not going out to lunch every day?” Well, here are some additional tips to help get you started on the path of saving (or saving more):

    Posted Date: 08/03/2017

  • Nine Tips To Find The Right Window Contractor

    By David Grusenmeyer, Affordable Glass & Mirror, Inc.

    Windows are an important part of every home. Windows aren’t only a source of light, but they can also let the heat in on a sunny day or be a cool spot during the winter months. Depending on the time of year, it could be imperative that your windows are replaced thoroughly and quickly. That’s why when you’re windows need replacing, it’s important to find the right contractor.

    Posted Date: 07/27/2017

  • Why Does My New Roof Require Maintenance?

    By Cheryl Smith, Solid Rock Roofing

    Many homeowners believe that after making a major investment in a new roof that they don’t need to think or worry about their roof until it’s time to move or replace it again.

    While a new and properly installed roof should last for a long time, proper maintenance is important to assure maximum life and performance.

    Posted Date: 07/19/2017

  • Five Characteristics Employers Are Looking For

    By Doug Barry and Andy Sedlak, BARRYSTAFF

    At BARRYSTAFF, we hire for more than a hundred different companies between Dayton and Springfield. Management at each one would probably describe an “ideal employee” differently, but some things are universal.

    At BARRYSTAFF, it’s our job to find people with those universal qualities. Here’s a list of five characteristics that we know employers are looking for.

    Posted Date: 07/13/2017

  • Taking The Mystery Out of Home Care Services

    By Bernard Dalichau, Lavender Home Care Solutions

    Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to introduce you to homecare, the black sheep workhorse of the medical industry which helps, but very rarely gets the accolades it deserves. With an aging parent or grandparent, it can be overwhelming to navigate the different services available to help your family member. As many options are open to the public through government and private systems, Homecare is a service that keeps seniors living independently in their homes and increases their quality of life. However, if you’re like many people, you may not understand what homecare is, how it differs from home health care and what questions should you ask when choosing a homecare provider for your family member. Let’s just define the industry.

    Posted Date: 07/05/2017

  • Staying Cyber-Secure in the Age of Ransomware

    By Tyler Greenwood, Back To Business I.T.

    Threats to information systems are multifaceted and come from a variety of attack vectors. Criminal enterprises have an abundance of resources they can use to cripple computers and accomplish their missions. One of the most lucrative for these organizations and also one of the most potentially destructive is ransomware - a malicious software that utilizes “cryptoviral extortion” that encrypts and locks user files. Unfortunately, the ransomware also tries to encrypt any file or drive on any network machines that are connected to the infected system.  

    Posted Date: 06/19/2017

  • Top Five Ways to Get Your Car Ready for Your Next Road Trip

    By Terry Toner, Kettering-Oakwood Automotive

    Family road trips can be the highlight of the year. But, before you pile everyone in your vehicle and head off, take time to make sure your car is prepared for the long-awaited trip. Here are a few things to consider to ensure your family will be safe and happy on your next adventure.  

    Posted Date: 06/19/2017

  • Is Mulch Really THAT Important?

    By Joe Leopard, Joe’s Landscaping of Beavercreek, Inc.

    The answer is Yes! The benefits of mulch are endless, here are just a few:  

    Posted Date: 06/13/2017

  • Top 10 Things To Get Your AC System Ready For The Dog Days Of Summer

    By Paul Broerman, Choice Comfort Services, Inc.

    Before the heat really rolls in and makes us long for a tall glass of lemonade and a nice chair in front of the air conditioning unit… make time to run through an AC maintenance checklist. AC contractors are kept very busy during the extreme temperatures of summer and winter, so it’s best to conduct a maintenance check while the weather is mild. Scheduling an off-season tune up will help prevent problems before they happen. There are several steps that you can take yourself, as well as scheduling a routine check-up with your HVAC professionals, to get your system summer-ready!  

    Posted Date: 06/05/2017

  • Wellness In The Workplace

    By Lisa Goodall, Marsh & McLennan Agency, LLC

    Wellness, what does it mean to you? Achieving 10,000 steps a day? Consuming 5-10 cups of fruits and vegetables per day? Sleeping eight hours each night? A stress-free work environment? Saving for retirement? When we think of wellness, a few common things come to mind: exercise, nutrition and even disease management. In reality, wellness has a very broad definition and means something different to each individual. The trend in the past few years is a shift toward overall well-being. Well-being encompasses all factors of life: physical, emotional, financial, social, career and community.  

    Posted Date: 05/15/2017

  • Are Value and Safety Important to You When You Use Off-Site Airport Parking?

    Brian West, Park-N-Go Airport Parking

    Booking at an off-airport parking lot means you can save money without sacrificing convenience or safety. Generally, off-site airport parking lots offer a guaranteed space for a great price, free shuttle service directly to your terminal and a safe place to park your vehicle. 

    Consider the top four reasons you should give off-site parking a try for your next trip.  

    Posted Date: 04/14/2017

  • Why Am I on Auto-Pilot When It Comes to Airport Parking?

    Brian West, Park-N-Go Airport Parking

    Most of us spend hours planning a business trip or vacation, obsessing over the usual minutia of flights, hotels and amenities, tours and restaurants to visit, but our parking choice is one that requires as much thought as the rest of the trip. Considering personal safety, convenience, cost and protecting a valuable asset – our vehicle – the answer can be a simple one. 

    Posted Date: 3/22/17

  • Don’t Get Caught Dead Without Having Your Affairs In Order

    Nancy A. Roberson, Roberson Law

    The recent sudden deaths of celebrities Carrie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds and Mary Tyler Moore have made many people think about end-of-life issues that are often uncomfortable and difficult to consider. Have you thought about your death? How will you die? What about your loved ones? How will they die? These are morbid, but realistic, thoughts because none of us will escape this earth alive. 

    Posted Date: 02/23/2017