BBB Marketing Opportunities

Your Better Business Bureau is proud to offer several exclusive marketing opportunities to BBB Accredited Businesses. They’re great ways to make your BBB Accreditation known to the public and businesses throughout the Miami Valley. And, it’s a fact that 85 percent of Americans prefer to do business with BBB Accredited Businesses. Act today, sponsorships are limited.


You can also save by participating in several marketing programs. Participate in two services, save a combined total of $25 per month and $25 off each additional service added.


Search Engine Solutions

Your BBB’s online search engine solutions sponsorship puts the power of your BBB and Google into one effective program, increasing your visibility in the online marketplace and driving people searching on Google for your products/services directly to you.


Why Google?

Most used search engine on the Web

Receives several hundred million queries daily


How’s It Work?

Your BBB places listings on Google for keyword searches, which direct traffic to exclusive Google landing Web pages for sponsors. Only people looking for Miami Valley businesses in your industry will see the listing. For example, if a customer searches for roofers, your BBB’s link appears towards the top of the results page. People can click on it and go to a random list of participating BBB Accredited tree services. Clicking on your business listing takes people to your BBB business review, which not only provides your contact information, but your rating.


Why Participate?

  • Easy, fast and low cost way to reach people searching on Google.
  • Program up and running typically within one to two business days.
  • No long-term contracts.
  • Locked in pricing for one year.
  • No need to have your own Web site, your BBB listing is your online presence.
  • Managed in-house by BBB staff.
  • Limited sponsorship on a first-come, first-serve basis, so you’re not competing with hundreds of others in your industry.


What’s The Investment?

$100 per month

Add logo to listing - one-time investment of $75


Top Listing

Your BBB has worked diligently to dramatically improve its visibility in local online search results. In fact, so far in any given month, BBB listings show up on first page Google results over 400,000 times for people in the Miami Valley looking for the types of products and services our Accredited Businesses provide.


To help you benefit from this increase in traffic, we’re offering the opportunity for your company to show up at the top of our Accredited Business List for your type of business. This sponsorship program puts those sponsoring companies at the top of the list in larger text and shaded background in random order.


What’s The Investment?

$75 per month for BBB Accredited Businesses

$50 per month for BBB Accredited Charities

Add logo to listing - one-time investment of $75


Voice Response System

Expose your business on your BBB’s Alltime Line, which provides information callers need 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Sponsored companies are played in rotation on the greetings heard by callers. Only six companies can participate on the Alltime Line, which served nearly 47,000 consumers and businesses in 2012.


What’s The Investment?

$400 for six months

$750 for one year


Web Banners

This program offers exclusive, targeted banner placement at your BBB’s Web site, allowing you to spotlight your business on your BBB’s “Check out a Business” pages and target visitors searching for your industry. It’s a great way to maximize your brand exposure with premium placement to over 60 percent of our traffic. Your BBB will even help quantify effectiveness by providing monthly reports, specific to your banner views.


Your banner will accompany an informational video, adding value and interest. Once visitors click on it, they’ll go to your business review. Over 1.1 million impressions annually are distributed to program participants.


What’s The Investment?

$100 per month (minimum three-month investment)

$900 per year


Video Production Service

Your BBB’s video production service is an inexpensive way to create a professional, dynamic marketing tool to promote your business in a variety of platforms: BBB business review, social media and more.


This exclusive program gives you access to the skills and talent of a BBB team member with 12 years of video experience in the television news industry. You’ll receive a two hour or less video shoot at one location of your choice; BBB guidance on video script development; up to two revisions of the video under production; an opportunity to use BBB talent for voiceovers; and a finished video up to a minute long.


What’s The Investment?

Introductory rate of $275



Your BBB’s Facebook page (Better Business Bureau – Dayton, OH) can now be used to promote your business. It’s a great way to spread your message, while enhancing your credibility through your association with your BBB. It can be used to promote events, discounts, awards, etc.


This unique marketing program should be an essential part of your marketing plan. If you don’t have a social media presence of your own, this program can be a simple way to make it happen. Each posting will be forwarded to nearly 1,900 individuals. And, the people liking the page increases dramatically each month (100 new Likes per month).


What’s The Investment?

Sponsor up to two postings a month (material subject to BBB approval) for only $5 per post. That’s less than a penny a person.



Advertise in your BBB’s monthly newsletter, eConnect. It’s sent to the business owners and upper level managers of over 3,000 Accredited Businesses and their staff.


Your sponsorship puts your logo on each page of the newsletter. Readers can click on it to go to your reliability report to learn more about your company and link to your Web site.


What’s The Investment?

Logo in newsletter for three months - $225

Logo in newsletter for six months - $400

Logo in newsletter for 12 months - $750 


Dynamic Seal

Your BBB logo is a symbol to believe in. When displayed, it symbolizes your committment to standards of honesty, trust and excellence, which set you apart in today’s world of questionable services and products.

You can find the BBB Dynamic Seal at To login, you’ll need your company ID and password, which you can get by calling (937) 222-1534, ext. 2270.


What’s The Investment?

No cost


To learn more about these BBB marketing opportunities:

Call: (937) 222-1534, ext. 2277




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