Customer Review Verification Process


BBB offers the opportunity for customers to share their experiences with business via customer reviews.  Like others that offer reviews, we’d like to be able to promise honest reviews from real customers, all the time.  But like all review sites, our experience shows that is almost impossible to guarantee. So here’s what we do:

  1. When BBB receives a Customer Review on a business, we first send a confirmation to the email address of the reviewer, to ensure that the email address is real and there is a real person there. BBB will not post a review for which it does not receive validation of the sending email.
  2. If a person confirms the email address, we then send the review to the business with which the interaction took place.  We ask them to confirm that the review is from a real customer of theirs, and give them 3-10 days to get back to us.
  3. If the business verifies that it is their customer who has placed the review, BBB will post it and add a “BBB Verified Reviewer” button to the review.

If there is some question about whether the reviewer is a customer, BBB may ask the reviewer for additional information to demonstrate that there was a marketplace interaction.

If the BBB never hears back from the business to verify the customer, or the reviewer is unable to provide confirming information, we will post the review (unless there is other cause not to) but will not label the reviewer as Verified.

If BBB has reason to believe that a fake customer posted a false review, the BBB will not post it.

In summary, BBB always tries to verify that a marketplace interaction occurred between customer and business.  As you read BBB reviews, bear in mind that this is not an exact science but a tool to help you decide with whom to do business, where to stay, or where to eat. Read multiple reviews and decide which ones you trust.  And thanks for helping us build a marketplace where consumers and businesses can trust each other.