BBB Customer Reviews

Your consumer experiences matter to Better Business Bureau, other consumers and businesses! Consumers tell us that the additional information in customer reviews helps them choose a trustworthy business. Businesses like customer reviews because it lets them highlight some of the positive customer experiences on our website – not just complaint information.

Just like our complaints, reviews are vetted by BBB team members and sent to the business before they are published online. Consumers, upon request of BBB and businesses, must be able to provide substantiation of the marketplace interaction.

Like other sites that offer reviews, we’d like to be able to promise honest reviews from real customers, all the time. But like all review sites, our experience shows that is almost impossible to guarantee. So here’s what we do:

  1. When BBB receives a customer review on a business, we first send a confirmation to the email address of the reviewer, to ensure that the email address is real and there is a real person there. BBB will not post a review for which it does not receive validation.

  2. If a person confirms the email address, we then send the review to the subject business. We ask them to confirm that the interaction took place and give them 3-10 days to get back to us.

  3. If the business verifies the interaction, BBB will post it and add a “BBB Verified Reviewer” button to the review.
    1. If there is some question about whether the reviewer is a customer, BBB may ask the reviewer for additional information to demonstrate that there was a marketplace interaction.

    2. If the BBB never hears back from the business to verify the customer, or the reviewer is unable to provide confirming information, we will post the review (unless there is other cause not to) but will not label the reviewer as Verified.

    3. If BBB has reason to believe that a fake customer posted a false review, the BBB will not post it.

Why BBB Customer Reviews are Different

  • BBB processes customer reviews in an ethical, fair, unbiased manner and we do it consistently.
  • If partnering with a third-party customer review generator company, BBB ensures all reviews are treated equally, regardless of the rating or content of the review.
  • BBB reviews each and every customer review before posting it in an attempt to ensure there was a marketplace interaction. BBB does not determine the truthfulness or accuracy of a customer review.
  • BBB provides an opportunity to challenge the identity of the reviewer before the review is posted – not allowing anyone to post fake or ill-intended reviews.
  • BBB does not post any anonymous reviews.
  • BBB does not post any reviews for which the consumer was compensated.
  • BBB sends the submission to the business, allowing the business to provide additional feedback to help address the reviewer's issues.
  • BBB protects the identity of the reviewer by not posting personally identifiable information.
  • BBB validates the email address of all reviewers.
  • BBB uses data from reviews to help investigate businesses.

Bottom line: BBB always tries to verify that a marketplace interaction occurred between customer and business. As you read BBB reviews, bear in mind that this is not an exact science but a tool to help you decide with whom to do business, where to stay, or where to eat. Read multiple reviews and decide which ones you trust.

BBB Customer Reviews are the subjective opinion of the individual who posted the review and not of Better Business Bureau. BBB can’t guarantee the accuracy of any customer review and is not responsible for the content of any customer review.

If you’re the subject of a review and you disagree with any of the content of a customer review, please make sure you provide a response that explains your position.