How to deal with Collections Agencies

Avoiding Foreclosure
What is foreclosure, and learn the different ways a foreclusure is structured between you and financial institutions.

Avoiding the credit card trap
When faced with purchasing decisions, make sure you pay with what you have and not fall into the credit card trap.

College students and their credit
As your children enter college, credit becomes more important, but also very convenient to obtain. Make sure your student's financial knowledge is up to par.

Couples must communicate about their finances
It is extremely important to open the doors of financial communcation between couples, in order to keep your relationship and finances strong.

Creating a spending plan and start saving money
Learn several ways to start "paying yourself" by creating a spending plan that works with your financial situation.

Credit and its structure
Learn the in's and out's of credit and how it applies to our econmomy and your day-to-day life

Don't forget the additional costs of owning a home
Often times transitioning from renting to owning a home, consumers forget the additional costs associated with home ownership. Learn what these costs are before making the leap.

Evaluating & improving your credit score
Improve your credit by learning how a credit score is calculated, and get a few tips on how to maximize your score.

Financial needs vs. wants
In today's economy there is an inflated sense of need. Stay objective when making buying decisions, and be a smart shopper by following these tips.

How to choose a credit counseling agency
Make sure to follow these tips when selecting a credit counseling agency.

How to deal with Bankruptcy
If your considering bankruptcy, make sure you know all the potential benefits and consequeces.

How to deal with Collections Agencies
There are federal laws about collection agency practices that all consumers should know to avoid being taken advantage of.

How to deal with Credit Counseling
There are many companies that claim to help reduce your debt, but make sure you weigh all your options and research the business before you move forward.

How to deal with Debt Settlement Companies
As a consumer make sure to properly evaluate and research any company claiming they can improve your credit score or help reduce your debt.

How to generate new & more income
If you are looking for new and creative ways to generate more income, look no farther than your household. Learn several ways to turn your household into an income generating machine.

How to track your expenses
Tracking your expenses can be a daunting task, but its a very successful way to help evaluate and keep a budget.

Teaching children how to manage money
As your children grow up, make sure to indroduce a healthy approach to spending money by following these suggestions.

The challenges of paying down your debt
Learn from real people's experiences and advice from financial advisors on how you are not the only person in debt.

Why budget your finances and how to start
Budgeting your finances is an onging process and should be used to set and achieve financial goals. Learn how to successfully budget on a monthly basis.

Your credit score and FICO
Learn how your credit score is determined and why FICO is so important.