Don't Become a Victim

Scam Stopper video thumbnail image Welcome to BBB Scam Stopper!

Personal finance blogger Erica Sandberg joins with BBB and Western Union to educate consumers about all kinds of scams.

Scam Stopper video thumbnail image Don't Become a Victim!

When Leslie got a call from a friend that he was stranded in London after being mugged, she wired him money. Fortunately, an "Eagle Eye" at Western Union flagged the transaction as sounding "phishy" and suggested she call her friend's home first.

Scam Stopper video thumbnail image Online Shopping Scams

Saleana found an inexpensive car for her son on Craigslist; it even had what appeared to be legitimate certification and a guarantee. She wired the money through Western Union and, luckily for Seleana, the company picked up on the possibility of a scam and stopped the transaction. 

Scam Stopper video thumbnail image Overseas Scams

When Eric found a good deal on a trailer from a woman who said she was heading overseas with the military, he wired her the money. Luckily, Western Union found the overseas transaction to be "fishy" and sent out an alert to Eric who called off the transfer. 

Scam Stopper video thumbnail image Lottery Scam

Claudia stops a couple from losing money in the Lottery Scam. Apparently the couple won $100,000, but in order to receive this money she would have to pay $100. Claudia mentioned that she told the woman to call the police and report the scam. 

Scam Stopper video thumbnail image Grandparents Scam

John speaks about stopping a scam regarding a grandparent scam which is very popular now. He helped an older woman stop from sending $3,000 dollars to help out her grandson which turned out to be a scam.