Account Suspension Email from Yahoo is a Phishing Scam

July 20, 2017

The Better Business Bureau is warning consumers about a new phishing scam that looks like an email from Yahoo. The email has the subject line “Re: Email Suspension Notice” and claims to come from Yahoo “Customers Service.” 

The Business Bureau serving West Florida was alerted to the scam by a local consumer who received the suspicious message. His version of the scam warned him that: “Your Yahoo account has expired. You must renew it immediately or your account will be closed or wouldn’t be able to send or receive mail.” The phony alert instructed him to click a link to renew his account. However, both the link and the reply email address were not on Yahoo’s domain.

BBB is encouraging all consumers to be aware of email phishing scam warning signs. For example, check the reply email address to make sure it matches the domain of the company or organization that claims to have sent the message. The same is true with links in the email message. Hover over these links to confirm their destination before clicking. More BBB phishing scam tips are available at

Anyone who received the email (whether or not they have lost money) is urged to report it to BBB Scam Tracker at