Can a business apply for both the BBB International Torch Award for Advancing Marketplace Excellence and for Excellence in Customer Care?


What businesses can be nominated for the Marketplace Excellence award?

All for-profit businesses in North America that provide goods and services to retail and/or wholesale markets and that have a B or better rating with BBB. Any person can nominate a business or the business may self-nominate for this category. Also, BBBs in Canada and the United States conduct local competitions, forwarding their winning entries for consideration for this award.

When entering the Marketplace Excellence competition, what should I include in my entry packet?

Applicants are asked to include in their application a two-page executive summary that explains why the business merits consideration for the Marketplace Excellence award. In addition, qualifying businesses should submit materials (mission statement, policies, publications, news articles, advertising, customer testimonials, etc.) that speak to the firm’s strengths regarding each of the judging criteria.

Is there an application fee?

Yes, there is a $100 non-refundable application fee.

Can a government agency or non-profit organization submit an entry for the Marketplace Excellence award?

Non-profit organizations and businesses that market primarily to local, state or federal governments are ineligible for the BBB International Torch Awards.

Where can I find a list of past award winners?

You can find lists of past award winners by going to our archives page.

Can a customer submit an entry or nominate a business for the Advancing Marketplace Trust award?

Nominees are selected via a closed nomination process - meaning they are not open to the public. Recipients are nominated and selected by a committee of industry experts and BBB leaders.