Black Friday Trends and Tips

The unofficial start to the holiday shopping season. In the past, shoppers would make their way to brick-and-mortar locations on the Friday following Thanksgiving. While this practice still remains, it’s evident that there is a shift going on in the way shoppers are researching and buying, as well as the way stores are advertising. 


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Total Sales: Black Friday 2016 was the first day to generate more than a billion dollars in online sales from mobile devices, according to Adobe.

Online Sales: Black Friday set a record 3.05B in single-day online sales.

Mobile: Smartphones accounted for 45 percent of page visits and 24 percent of sales on Black Friday.

Retail Traffic: 99 million people went to stores on Black Friday.

Conversation Rate: 1.9 percent conversions for smartphones (over the 1.3 percent average); 3.7 percent conversions for tablet (over the 2.9 percent average); and 4.3 percent conversions for desktop (over the 3.2 percent average.



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