Data Privacy Day Message for Business


If you want customers to trust you, respect their personal data.

It’s January! Time for resolutions. With Data Privacy Day coming January 28th, it’s the perfect time for your business  to make an important new resolution: to build trust with your customers by respecting a valuable asset you want them to share with your business – their personal data. 

Data Privacy Tips“Safeguard Privacy” is one of the eight BBB Standards for Trust, a requirement for all BBB Accredited Businesses and a best practice for any business that wants to be successful in the 21st century. Simply put, it’s smart business.

The National Cyber Security Alliance offers the following research-based privacy tips for businesses, reflecting a survey of consumer attitudes about data sharing and trust:

  • Transparency Builds Trust

Be open and honest about how you will use and share your customer data --and not just in your privacy policy. Communicate through multiple channels to be sure customers get the message.  Make sure your practices are consistent with customers’ expectations  and that your employees are fully educated on your values concerning privacy. Collection or use of inappropriate data can harm your business’s reputation even if your intent was above board.  Make sure your public statements about privacy reflect your actual practices.   

  • Be Aware of What’s Being Shared

Make sure your customers know how you will collect, use and share their personal data. Any options you provide them to control their personal information should be easy to use and effective. Educate your employees about safeguarding information, and monitor the data protection practices of the  partners and vendors with whom you share personal data

  • Personal Data is Like Money. Respect It.  Protect It.

 Personal data can be a valuable asset for your business – but it’s even more valuable to your customers. So don’t collect more data than you need for business purposes; protect it with effective security measures while it’s under your control; and destroy data securely when it’s no longer needed.  

Visit the NCSA website for more information on these and other useful privacy tips. 

For additional information about reviewing your business’s privacy practices and building an effective  privacy policy, see