Data Privacy for Small Businesses


If you want customers to trust you, respect their personal data.  The National Cyber Security Alliance has released research-based privacy tips for businesses, reflecting a survey of consumer attitudes about data sharing and trust.

Privacy Tips for Businesses:  A Data Privacy Day Message

Whether your small business sells goods and services online, or you’re simply using your website to market to your customers, having a quality website privacy policy can build consumer trust and distinguish your business in a crowded online marketplace. This three-part series was written by Frances Henderson, CIPP, Director, National Privacy Initiatives with the Council of Better Business Bureaus, Inc. It originally appeared on the blog of the National Cyber Security Alliance (

Part 1: Does Your Privacy Policy Need A Tune-Up?

Part 2: Reviewing and Retooling Your Privacy Practices

Part 3: Keeping Privacy in Mind as You Grow Your Business