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BBB Business Tip – EMV Chip Cards:  A “liability shift” requires businesses to use chip card readers or cover losses from stolen credit cards. Learn more about implementing EMV technology to protect your customers and your business.

BBB Small Business Week Tip:  Watch Out for Directory Scams: BBB has seen an uptick in directory scams (or “Yellow Pages scams”) aimed at small businesses, and is reminding business owners and employees not to fall for this trick.

Data Privacy for Small Businesses:  Find tips on reviewing and retooling your privacy policy and internal privacy practices.

Data Security - Made Simpler:  Find data security solutions and best practices for data center security in this guide.

Do's and Don'ts In Advertising:   Get the landmark resource on United States' advertising and marketing laws!

5 Steps to Better Business Cybersecurity ( An approach that applies to the specifics of your business, helping you understand how best to identify and protect your vital business and customer data, and how to detect, respond to and recover from a cybersecurity incident.

IRS Tax Center:   Review small business tax resources from the Internal Revenue Service.

Managing Credit - Made Simpler  Let this guide help you make wise decisions on small-business credit cards and identify strategies to put you in charge of your business’s financial situation.

Music In The Marketplace:   Learn a business's rights and obligations under copyright law when music is used.

Protecting Small Businesses -  A Federal Trade Commission (FTC) website to help business owners avoid scams, protect their computers and networks, and keep their customers’ and employees’ data safe.

Small Business Administration:  Visit SBA's website for a wealth of information that may help your business succeed in a competitive marketplace.