Enhanced Core Principles


The CFBAI announced changes to the Initiative’s Enhanced Core Principles in December 2009, effective January 1, 2010. The Enhanced Core Principles require participants to commit that 100 percent of their advertising primarily directed to children under 12 will be for healthier dietary choices or better-for-you products. While the option of satisfying the commitment through healthy lifestyle messaging or some combination of better-for-you product and healthy lifestyle messaging has been eliminated, the participants will continue to support and promote healthy lifestyles.

Additionally, consistent with the program’s focus on child-directed advertising, the venues and types of marketing covered by the Core Principles were expanded to include video and computer games rated EC or Early Childhood, other video games that are age-graded on the label as being primarily child-directed, and cell phone marketing that is primarily directed to children under 12. Word-of-mouth advertising that is primarily directed to children under 12 is also covered.