Steven Salter

Senior Vice President, BBB Services

Steve Salter

Steve Salter has held a variety of leadership positions within CBBB over the last 15 years. As VP of Standards & Services in the Client Services Division, Salter manages many functions within the BBB-facing Client Services Division including customer service, BBB evaluation, intranet services, policy development and BOC subcommittee liaison activity.

In 2013 Salter is serving as Project Manager for the virtual BBB Serving Greater Los Angeles, a collaborative cross-BBB service including more than 80 BBB professionals.

Salter was previously a member of the executive team of BBBOnLine at its launch in 1997. As VP of BBBOnLine from 2006 forward, he was responsible for overseeing all aspects of BBBOnLine, the Better Business Bureau’s program to increase consumer trust and confidence in electronic commerce, and to help reliable and trustworthy businesses stand out online.

Mr. Salter’s BBBOnLine duties included providing training and support to Better Business Bureaus throughout the U.S. and Canada, monitoring and quality control of participating companies, creation and implementation of BBB accreditation standards, and other operations.

He has represented the Council of Better Business Bureaus at the Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Group Summit in Santiago, Chile in 2004 and at the GBDe/Asian Trustmark Alliance meeting in Taiwan in 2007.

Mr. Salter worked in the CBBB’s Dispute Resolution Division for more than a decade prior to joining BBBOnLine. He held various training and management positions with BBB AUTO LINE, the BBB’s largest dispute resolution program.