Respond to a Complaint

This site is only to be used to respond to consumer complaints being processed by Better Business Bureau located in Connecticut.   

The Better Business Bureau's website offers two convenient ways for you to respond to a complaint:

If you are responding to a complaint being processed by a BBB in a different location, go to to obtain the correct contact information for that office.

Email Notification

If Connecticut Better Business Bureau notified you about this complaint by e-mail please refer to the link in the email.  PLEASE NOTE: You may respond by this method only if the complaint is currently pending.  If the complaint is already closed in BBB files, you must file your response using the form below.

Mail Notification  

If you received a complaint from Connecticut Better Business Bureau by regular mail, you may respond to the complaint using the form below.  Please include the name and e-mail address of the company-designated complaint handler, as the information will be added to the file for future communications from BBB.

Complaint ID#:
Company Name:
Company Contact Name:
Company Contact Phone:
Company Contact Email:
Consumer's Name:
BBB Staff Member (if you know):
Complaint Information: