Public Education Presentations

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Did You Know that Your BBB Offers Various Public Education Presentations?

Howard Schwartz doing a presentation on scams targeting serniorsAs part of your BBB’s ongoing public outreach and education programs, you can schedule a Connecticut Better Business Bureau speaker for a presentation on a variety of subjects, including:

  • Better Business Bureau and What it Can Do For You and Your Family
  • Top Scams and How to Avoid Becoming a Victim
  • In Pursuit of Ethics
  • How to Avoid Being The Victim of Identity Theft and Other Scams
  • Fraud Prevention for Seniors
  • Computer Fraud and Security

If your company, service club, association, school, business organization or senior citizens group would like to arrange a presentation, please email Howard Schwartz, or call 860-740-4500, ext. 103.

Your BBB has partnered with the FINRA Investor Education Foundation to give you tools and information to help you better protect and manage your money.  Any time you invest, you take a certain amount of risk.

There's always a possibility an investment can lose value at some point. You can help moderate this risk by choosing investments carefully and monitoring your portfolio.

You can schedule a presentation on how to "Outsmart Investment Fraud" by contacting Jackie MacKnight by email or at 860-740-4500, ext. 123.

Financial Readiness = Mission Readiness
Since 2004, BBB Military Line has provided free resources to our military communities in the areas of financial literacy and consumer protection through the efforts of 112 BBBs across the U.S.

BBB Military Line offers an array of interactive and engaging Financial Workshops that are taught by your local BBB staff. These workshops are -

  • Smart consumers (available for teen & adult)
  • Deals for wheels (available for teen & adult)
  • How to buy a home
  • Investing for retirement
  • Scams and ID Theft
  • Smart Investing

You can schedule a presentation by contacting Nicole Fleury by email or at 860-740-4500, ext. 132.