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Advertising self-regulation has been part of the mission of Better Business Bureau system since its founding in 1912. At that time, the rise of fraudulent and misleading advertising and the absence of any effective regulation led to the formation of BBBs for the purpose of promoting truth in advertising. Today, the review and voluntary correction of local advertising is still a core service offered by your BBB.

To fulfill its original mission, BBB Serving Connecticut conducts a local advertising review program. This program works with business to achieve the highest ethical advertising standards through voluntary self-regulation.
Achieving Positive Change

BBB consistently seeks and challenges advertising that appears deceptive or suggests unethical business practices.  BBB proactively monitors advertising in all forms and challenges those advertisements which are generated in our service area. Advertisements generated outside Connecticut service area are forwarded to the appropriate BBB.

BBB Code of Advertising

The BBB Code of Advertising outlines basic principles and specific guides for truth and accuracy in advertising.  When an ad is challenged, the BBB asks the advertiser to substantiate, modify, or discontinue the advertised claims.  If an advertiser is unable to substantiate the claims or declines to discontinue claims not in adherence to the BBB Code of Advertising, then that information is included in the BBB Business Review on the business. A full copy of the BBB Code of Advertising can be found here.

Concerned about an Advertisement?

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