Connecticut BBB Releases Top 10 Most Complained-About Types of Business

Complaints by Type of Industry Show Little Change Compared With Previous Years
October 09, 2017

Connecticut BBB Releases Top 10 Most Complained-About Types of BusinessThe top 10 most complained-about types of businesses in 2016 have changed little since the previous year, according to Better Business Bureau Serving Connecticut.

Topping the list in 2016 are telephone companies, cellular phone service, cable and satellite TV, new car dealers and collection agencies.  The same industries are within the top five most complained-about types of businesses in 2015, with little change in their order.

In fact nationwide, the types of businesses that consumers filed complaints about with BBB last year are for the most part, the same industries that made the top 10 list over a number of years.

“When we examine the trends, we see that the field of technology has changed the placement order of the businesses that consumers complain about,” according to Connecticut Better Business Bureau spokesman Howard Schwartz.

Leading the list are industries we rely upon on a regular basis, ranging from communications and entertainment, to transportation, shopping and banking.

“When we look at the number of times consumers inquire about a particular type of business with BBB, they tend to be more satisfied, and to a great extent, less likely to file a complaint.”

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The statistical breakdown clearly shows greater consumer satisfaction with home contractors, renovators and repair businesses compared with telecommunications providers, collection agencies, new and used car dealers and internet shopping.

A comparison between 2016 and 2009 complaint statistics shows many of the same industries continue to draw the most consumer complaints.

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Many of the industries in the comparison chart reveal a trend that may be unlikely to change any time soon, based on similar statistical breakdown from one year to the next.

The bottom line for consumers, is that checking out any type of business with BBB can help them make educated decisions, and hopefully avoid negative experiences and disputes.

You can check out a BBB Business Review at for details about customers’ satisfaction, complaint patterns, or to file a complaint.

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