If a Caller asks "Can you hear me?," Just Put Down the Phone

Criminals Want You To Say "Yes" To Make Purchases Using Your Name
January 30, 2017

If Caller Asks “Can You Hear Me?,” Who would think saying "yes" to a telephone caller could cause so many problems.

Consumers across the country are receiving calls during which they are asked if they can hear the caller properly.  Our natural instinct is to respond "Yes."  That's when big problems can start.

Keep this in mind the next time a stranger calls.
You can find additional information on this scam at bbb.org/canyouhearme/.  The Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC) also offers its assistance and resources to victims at no cost.

You can get more help through a toll-free hotline, 888-400-5530, and online at www.idtheftcenter.org/. 

BBB also provides no-cost identity theft training to businesses and consumer advocacy/assistance groups.

Here what the calls sound like, and read the whole story.

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