Military and Veterans Initiative

We believe that "Knowledge is Power" and "Financial Readiness equals Mission Readiness." Through BBB Military Line consumer education program and our web-based and mobile technology endeavors, we work to bring financial literacy to a most deserving segment of our population. Education and outreach that is user focused - on the ground - on the web - and through mobile technology - we seek to equip those who serve, have served, and their families with the tools they need to navigate an ever changing and often complex marketplace.

Thank you to all the military families out there from your BBB. Your support allows our troops to do what they do each day.

BBB MIlitary Line Student Ethics Scholarship Award recognizes a child of a military family in their junior year of high school, who personify high ethics demonstrated through leadership, community service, and overall personal integrity and academic history.

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BBB Military Line offers an array of interactive and engaging Financial Workshops that are taught by your local BBB staff.

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