The BBB Process


standards for trustCompany Business Reviews:

Businesses and consumers turn to Better Business Bureau for pre-purchase information on companies with which they are considering doing business.

Business Reviews on Connecticut businesses and organizations are available on this website on the home page, as well as the upper right corner of each page on the site.

A Business Review shows how long the company has been in business, its principles, and the products or services the company offers, and provides a rating and summarizes the company’s customer experience history.

How a company report is developed:
Once BBB receives two or more inquiries about a company, it is sent a business profile to complete and return.   Once the company returns the profile, a BBB report is generated.  However, if the company does not return the profile, a second request for its completion is sent, with an alert that BBB will be reporting on the company in the next 10 days, and including in its Business Review the statement:

“BBB has requested basic information from the company.  BBB has not received a response and without this information, BBB may not have accurate information concerning such things as the company’s management or its nature of business.”

A report also will be developed if BBB receives a complaint on a company or is made aware of a government legal action.  Reports summarize information contained in our files and reflect the company’s customer experience history.  The reports indicate whether the company responds to customer complaints to BBB or if they ignore them. 

If we receive a series of complaints alleging the same problem, the underlying pattern of complaints will be described in the report.  If there is a government legal action that includes allegations which could affect a consumer's decision to do business with that company, information about the legal action also would be included.

Pre-screened Directory of Connecticut BBB Accredited Businesses: 
In order to be eligible for BBB accreditation, a company must demonstrate a commitment to high standards of conduct and integrity, have no unanswered complaints or pattern of complaints, be licensed and/or registered as required by law, and meet and maintain rigorous BBB Accreditation Standards.   Visit the BBB Accredited Business Directory to find a business you can trust.

Complaint processDispute Resolution: 
If you have a problem with a company located in Connecticut BBB’s service area and you have been unable to resolve it with the company, we can try to assist you.  BBB handles complaints filed against all Connecticut companies.  You can submit a complaint online using our complaint form or by telephone, at 860-740-4500.

Consumers should note that BBB is unable to compel a company to respond to a customer complaint.  We are a private not-for-profit organization, not a government or law enforcement agency.  BBB acts as an impartial third party to try to assist both the consumer and business at no cost, in order to resolve the complaint outside of the legal system.

BBB offers dispute resolution for many companies in the form of conciliation, mediation and arbitration.  If a consumer/business dispute cannot be resolved informally with assistance from BBB’s complaint staff or through face-to-face mediation, the case may be referred to binding arbitration.  BBB maintains a roster of trained volunteer arbitrators who hear the arguments of both parties at a meeting conducted at Connecticut Better Business Bureau, and then render a legally-binding decision to settle the case.

Tips, General Advice, and News Releases: 
Connecticut Better Business Bureau develops information on subjects of interest to consumers and on topics that track local marketplace and consumer trends.  We post weekly news releases to our website News and Events Center.   Also, staff members are featured speakers at business and community meetings.

Advertising Review/Investigations: 
Connecticut BBB monitors local print and broadcast advertising. When Better Business Bureau finds any questionable ads, we notify the advertiser and ask for substantiation of its claims or ask them to modify their ads to conform to both legal and ethical business practices.  The results of the advertising challenge become a part of the company’s Business Review.

In addition, BBB will investigate questionable business practices on matters that may be part of a complaint brought to our attention, or as part of an ad review.  These investigations can take months, but often end in educating consumers, helping legitimate business level the playing field, and assisting state government officials in running a scam operation out of the state.

What we don’t do: 

  • Draft laws
  • Act as a lawyer or interfere with any legal process
  • Police work
  • Recommend or endorse any product, service or company
  • Undertake credit collections or report credit standing
  • Accept verbal complaints for action