Learn About Our Complaint Services


What is BBB’s Complaint Process?

BBB has made is fast & easy for you to file a complaint:

BBB provides free conciliation services to consumers and will act as a neutral third party in an effort to resolve the issues of a dispute. Complaints submitted to BBB will be forwarded to the business in question with a request for a written response. 

The business will be asked to respond in writing within fourteen days of the complaint being processed. If, after the initial fourteen days, no response has been received, a follow up request will be forwarded to the business and another week will be allowed for response. When received, the business response will be forwarded to the consumer for review. The consumer will also be notified should no response be received by BBB. In the event of non-response, the consumer may then wish to seek other alternatives of assistance such as legal action.

Most businesses are happy to work with BBB to resolve consumer complaints. BBB Accredited Businesses must respond to complaints or risk losing their accredited status. A business that is unwilling to respond will be noted as such in its BBB Business Review in the form of their no response complaints.

Please keep in mind that BBB does not handle complaints by third parties, those containing criminal allegations, requests for punitive damages, employer/employee disputes, cases already involved in litigation, civil right violations, business to business collection issues or when the complaint issues are older than one year with no underlying warranty issues.

Getting Ready to File?

Here are some pointers & helpful tips to consider before filing your complaint:

  • You have tried at least once to resolve the problem directly with the business.
  • You know where the business is located so that you can file a complaint with the correct BBB.
  • You are truthful about the details of your transaction, do not include personally identifiable information, and refrain from the use of profanity as your company may be published on BBB’s website.
  • When filing your complaint, it is best to remain factual and to the point.
  • If you are not seeking a resolution, you may wish to instead submit a Customer Review. (Consumers are not permitted to submit both a review and a complaint)