BBB Business Review Content Guidelines


Business Description
Please describe your company without using product or brand names. There is a 250 character limit.

This field must contain an objective, non-promotional narrative description concerning the nature of the company's business. Care must be taken in the "Description" section to factually describe what your company does. Language that is promotional will not be accepted. Impermissible examples describing your company include, but are not limited to, "one of the largest," offering "substantial" discounts, "best of" or selling "highest quality" home improvement products.

Products and Services
Briefly explain your products and/or services. You may include brands and other key words.
Photo & Video Policy
1. Photographs and videos posted on behalf of BBB Accredited Businesses should not be considered advertisements or commercials for the business. They are intended to make consumers aware of a business’ products/services, employees, facilities, policies and philosophy. Currently, BBB Accredited Businesses may display photo images at no charge. BBB reserves the right to charge a fee for the display of more than one photograph in the future.

2. The person submitting the photograph/video to BBB agrees: 

  • He/she is authorized to submit the photograph/video on behalf of the business.
  • He/she certifies accuracy of the photograph/video. 
  • He/she certifies that the photograph/video complies with this policy. 
  • He/she certifies that the photograph/videos do not infringe on the privacy or intellectual property rights of any person or entity.
  • He/she gives permission to BBB to display the photo/video as part of the company's BBB Business Review.
  • He/she agrees to indemnify BBB for any expenses incurred in legal actions arising out of BBB's use of the photo/video as part of the company's BBB Business Review. 
  • He/she agrees to this policy for Display of Photographs and Videos on BBB Business Reviews and as it may be amended from time to time.

3. Photographs & Videos may not:

  • Include any promotional, performance or advertising claims 
  • Include any pricing information
  • Include any product/business superiority claims, or mention or disparage any specific competitors. 
  • Include any reference to the business’ BBB rating that is not currently accurate (any video referencing an inaccurate rating should be removed immediately) 
  • Depict any awards received other than a BBB ethics/torch or similar BBB award 
  • Include testimonials or endorsements
  • State or imply anything untrue
  • Reflect unfavorably on the BBB 
  • Use clip art, unless the clip art is part of the company's logo.
  • Use, depict or include any trademarks or copyright materials of any party without express, written permission.


4. Up to five photographs will be allowed for display on the BBB Business Review homepage and/or photo/video page.

5. Technical requirements for photographs:JPEG

For the home page photo carousel: 
  • Main photo: 205px x 125px (fixed size) 
  • Thumbnails: 55px x 55px (fixed size)

For the photo/videos page:
  • Main photo: 540px x 380px  (this is maximum for the original photo uploaded) 
  • Thumbnails: 63px x 63px (fixed size)

6. Allowable content of photographs displayed on BBB Business Review home page:
  • Business building/facilities/work space 
  • Business personnel
  • Examples of work
  • Examples of products sold
  • Company logo

7. Allowable content of photographs displayed on photo/video page:
  • Business building/facilities/work space 
  • Business personnel 
  • Examples of work 
  • Examples of products sold
  • Company Business 
  • Logos of associations with which business is affiliated
  • BBB ethics/torch and similar BBB awards in accordance with BBB policy.


8. One video will beallowed for display on the photo/video page.

9. Technical requirements for videos:
  • Format: MPEG with h.264 encoding
  • File size: Up to 50 MB
  • Time limit: Not shorter than 15 seconds
  • Not longer than 180 seconds

10. Allowable video content:

Business building/facilities/workspace
  • Business personnel
  • Business hours
  • Business services
  • Examples of work
  • Examples of products sold
  • General statements of a business’ philosophy
  • Statements concerning BBB or BBB Accreditation 
  • BBB ethics/torch and similar BBB awards in accordance with BBB policy.