Online Directory Listings with Google & Leadgen

"This program has allowed us to approach the consumer in a more credible way than conventional ads would, and our association with the BBB nurtures confidence in our brand"
- Allie V., Clearpoint Credit Counseling Solutions

Pricing & Benefits
Leverage your Accreditation to the highly qualified consumers visiting and Google. Only a Limited number of Accredited Businesses can be featured at the top of each Type of Business category.

The BBB's Online Directory program provides:

  • Directory Listing Enhancement
    Premium placement at the top of your type of business category to allow consumers to easily access your website, BBB rating, video commercial, and contact information. VIEW SAMPLE
  • Lead Generation & Google Ads
    The BBB buys, manages and optimizes Google ads to generate leads for your business.  Highly qualified consumers (leads) submit their information to us daily and their info is passed onto your business to bid.  All leads are submitted to you via email from your local service area. 
Also Included:
  • Monthly Reports
    On the first of each month, receive a statistical report to help evaluate the success of your sponsorship. 
Available Pricing Options



$4,000 per year 

Dark blue highlight - Rotates evenly among participants at the top of each type of business category.  Limited Spots available.



$2,500 per year 

Light blue highlight - Rotates evenly among participants below the top placement participants.  Limited Spots available.



$900 per year 
Yellow highlight - Rotates evenly among participants below the premiere listing participants.  Limited Spots available.