BBB Issues Warning for Consumers Regarding Online Retailer

December 15, 2017

BBB Serving Central SC and Charleston has recently received an influx of complaints against the online retailer That Is Lit.  To view the BBB Business Review, please click here.

Consumers have reported that they have ordered and paid for merchandise, but have not received their orders or a refund.  Consumers also complained about difficulty reaching the business to inquire of the status of their orders or to request refunds for merchandise not received.

The website and Facebook pages for That Is Lit do not disclose contact information for the business (address or phone numbers); however, BBB has been able to locate an address and telephone number for the business through Google searches, Go Daddy and other avenues.   The address found is a residential address where certified mail has been accepted.  The phone number shows its origination to be in Cliffwood Beach, NJ.  That Is Lit states on the website under Shipping…

Most of our products are shipped from our designers/suppliers from abroad. Therefore, transit time will take longer days than expected (15 business days or more). Be assured that we will coordinate closely with the courier and the designer/supplier to get accurate tracking updates.   If the product description mentions USA shipping, then the product will be shipped out of our warehouse in Florida and will arrive relatively quickly.  Please allow 1-2 days for processing.”

On December 01, 2017, That Is Lit was informed of this concern and invited to discuss the pattern of complaints and determine ways in which the pattern might be alleviated.  As of December 15, 2017, the business has failed to respond to BBB’s request.

BBB has the following tips to help you protect yourself when purchasing online from an unknown business:


  • Carefully research the company first.  Make sure the business is actually legitimate, reputable online business.  Look up the company’s BBB Business Review at  If the company does not have a BBB Business Review, consider why.


  • Locate the company.  With the internet, it is very easy for a company to pretend to exist somewhere, when in fact they do not.  Does the company provide a physical address, as well as a phone number and email address?  Carefully review the contact information provided.  Do a quick Google search to see if the address exists. If the address is for a mall or plaza, consider contacting the owner of the mall or plaza to confirm the business resides there.


  • Never pay with a money order, through Western Union or MoneyGram, but to use a credit card in case you need to dispute the charges.  Very few legitimate businesses will ever ask you to wire money to them. Scam artists like to use money-wiring service because once the money has been sent it is virtually untraceable.


As of this date, That Is Lit remains invited to contact BBB to discuss consumers concerns and ways to eliminate the pattern of complaints.


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