BBB Offers Tips on How to Protect Yourself When Making Purchases on Facebook

August 01, 2017

Recently, BBB serving Central SC and Charleston has received several complaints from consumers who made purchases on Facebook with a company called Willow Jax Boutique.  According to consumers, orders were placed and their credit cards were processed on the day of purchase. Consumers have yet to receive their merchandise.

Facebook can be fun for catching up on the latest news and chatting with old friends. But it’s also a place scammers go to victimize unsuspecting social media users.

BBB offers tips on how to protect yourself when making purchases on Facebook:

Ask for Tagged Photos - When buying online, there's always the risk that the seller has just taken a photo someone else has posted online of the item you're looking to buy. Ask the seller to send you a tagged photo. A piece of paper with their name and the date, their ID, their face, anything that can prove they have that item in their possession. This is online buying 101, and if they won't do it, it should set alarm bells ringing.

• If in Doubt, Ask for a Second Opinion - Fakes exist, and it's a fact of life. Unfortunately, people will try and sell you those fakes. If you're unsure of the authenticity of the item, always ask for a second opinion. The forums, the Facebook groups, they're all full of members with a knowledge that you should really utilize, and they're more than willing to help. Don't be afraid to ask for a second opinion.

Always Check the Feedback and References - eBay has feedback for a reason. The forums and groups will have a system of references and probably even a trusted sellers list. Always check them, to make sure you're dealing with someone who can be trusted, especially if they're asking you to pay in an unsecure way. Don't be taken in

Always Use PayPal, and Always Use "Goods and Services" - PayPal is your best friend when it comes to buying and selling online. It's fast, easy, and secure if you're using it the right way. Always pay using goods and services, otherwise you are literally sending them your hard earned money as a gift. Pay the 4%, and secure your money. For an added level of security give an accurate description of the item you're intending to buy and its condition in the invoice, so they can't get away with sending you any old unwanted clothing.