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Third Quarter 2017

Changes are coming to your Medicare card
Marketers of 'NutriMost' System Settle FTC Chargers                     Choosing a Discount Drug Plan


Second Quarter 2017

IRS Planning New Private Debt Collection Program            Government Assistance Scams                                                         How to Stop Unwanted Calls 

First Quarter 2017

Local Senior Falls Victim to Sweepstakes Scam 
FTC Working to Stop Telemarketing Fraud Targeting Seniors         FTC Stops Telemarketing Scam Promising Seniors Easy Money

Fourth Quarter 2016

Don't Get Spooked this Halloween! Avoid Physic Scams 
FTC Puts New Limits on Telemarketers 
Don't Let Scammers Spoil Your Holidays 

Third Quarter 2016
Election Scams
Local Women Targeted by Vacation Scam
Avoiding Disability Scams

Second Quarter 2016
Phony Publishers Clearing House Letter
Misleading Advertisements
Funeral and Cemetary Fraud

First Quarter 2016
Post Card Scam
Medicare Scam
Jury Duty Scam

Fourth Quarter 2015
Holiday Scams
Reverse Mortage Scam 
Memory Supplement Scan

Third Quarter 2015
Tech Companies Tamper with Your Technology 
Are Pension Advances Right for You?
Court Shuts Down Telemkt Scam Targeting Seniors

 Second Quarter 2015
Avoiding Facebook Scams
Don’t Be Fooled by Phony Government Grants
Medical Alert Scam ­ Calcium Supplement

First Quarter 2015
Avoiding Investment Scams
Don’t Be Fooled by Phony IRS Agents
Medical Alert Scam ­ Avoid Robocalls 

 Fourth Quarter 2014

Fake Package Scam
Publishers Clearing House Scam
Holiday Scams 

Third Quarter 2014

Publishers Clearing House Scam
Grandparents Scam
Secure Your ID

Second Quarter 2014

Fake Jury Summons
Distraction Burglaries
Widespread Tax Scam

First Quarter 2014

Tricked into "Verifying" Info on Do Not Call Registry
Woman Loses $10,000 in "Pigeon Drop" Scam
Local Woman Loses Hundreds to Government Grant Scam

Fourth Quarter 2013

Police Warn of 'Easy Money' Scam
Jamaican Woman Scams Elderly Canadian Man
Columbus Man Sentences for Veterans Charity Scam

 Third Quarter 2013

Automatic Debit Scams
Deceptive Telemarketing Calls Offering Free Alert System
Trying Products for Free

Second Quarter 2013
Do You Really Owe Money?
Common Scams & ID Theft Related to Medicare
Phony "Do No Call" List

First Quarter 2013
Take Precautions this Tax Season
AG Older Ohioans about Job Opportunity Scams
Wave of Telemarketing Scams Target Seniors

Fourth Quarter 2012
Charity Giving Tips and Alerts
Attorney General Files Suit Against Online Auto Parts Seller
Beware of "Second" Medicare Card Scam

Third Quarter 2012
Scams Involving Robocalls
Medicare Cards Do Not Expire
Investment Advisor Preys on Faith

Second Quarter 2012
Full Circle Fund Flier Scam
BBB Warns About Calls Threatening To Shut Off Electricity
Storm Chasers Offering Repairs

 First Quarter 2012
Clevelanders Report Phone Scam
Funeral and Cemetery Scams
Beware of Overpriced Prescriptions

 Fourth Quarter 2011
The Grandparent Scam Just Got Scarier
Beware of "Second" Medicare Card
Watch Out for Social Security Scams

Third Quarter 2011
Storm Chasers Offering Repairs
Fake Online Pharmacies
Medicare Enrollment Scams

Second Quarter 2011
Debit Card Phone Scams
Scams Targeting Medicare Recipients
Jamaican "Lottery" Telephone Scams

First Quarter 2011
Tax Scams to Watch Out For
Duct Cleaning Ploy
FDA Issues Public Warning of Extortion Scam

Fourth Quarter 2010
Magic Energy and Balance Rubber Bracelets
Ohio Seniors at Risk for Medicare Enrollment Scams
Massive Make A Wish Foundation Telephone Scam

Third Quarter 2010
Sweepstakes Continue to Plaque Clevelanders
Beware of Companies Claiming to be Medicaid Specialists
When 911 Calls You

Second Quarter 2010
How to Spot the Red Flags of an Investment Seminar Scam
Scammers Target Medicare Recipients in Ohio
International Mail Fraud Scheme Insurance Carrier Names

First Quarter 2010
Haiti Earthquake Charity Appeals
E-mails From the IRS?
Don't Become a Victim of the "Grandparent Scam"

Fourth Quarter 2009
Fake Online Pharmacies
Give Wisely During the Holidays
Beware of Grandparents Scam

Third Quarter 2009
"Free Medicine Foundation" - Not Free
Who's Knocking on Your Door? Distraction Burglaries
Beware the "Article Release Notice"

Second Quarter 2009
More Phony Sweepstakes Scams
Swine Flu Scare Gives Rise to Scams
Deceptive Grant Offers

First Quarter 2009
Seniors Plagued with Calls from 876 Area Codes
Government Grant Scams
Beware of Tax Related Scams



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