BBB Education Foundation

BBB Supports Our Community

The BBB Educational Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization was formed to:

  • Promote intelligent, responsible and informed marketplace decisions by educating area consumers about wise buying and charitable giving practices;

  • Provide consumer education information through electronic media, written materials, telephone, outreach efforts to the community-at-large and groups of residents most vulnerable to consumer fraud;

  • Develop and implement educational programs to meet the needs of specific consumer groups;

  • Educate the public on unfair and dishonest business practices and on timely consumer issues of significance;

  • Develop and implement programs to promote ethical conduct and service excellence within the business community.

The BBB Foundational oversees special projects designated by the foundation and Better Business Bureau Boards. These projects include:

BBB TeenSmart Workshops

BBB Senior Awareness Initiative

Students of Integrity Scholarship

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Educational Foundation

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