2013 Students of Integrity


2013 SOI and Annual Meeting PamphletThe Students of Integrity is an essay-based competition that honors high school students from the BBB’s five county service area who personify ethics through leadership, community service and actions. Recognizing that significant adults in a student’s life contribute to their formation of personal ethics and educational success, parents and selected teachers of the essay award winners are also honored.

2013 Students of Integrity  

The 2013 awards event was held on December 6th, in conjunction with BBB's Annual Meeting, at the Hilton Gateway Garden Inn, 1100 Carnegie Ave, Cleveland. 4 students were awarded $1000 scholarships, and the top essay winner received $2500. You can view the entry guidelines here.

Russ MitchellRuss Mitchell will be the keynote speaker for this year's Students of Integrity event.  Mitchell was born in St. Louis and accepted his first television job at age 17 as a nighttime switchboard operator at KTVI-TV.  He graduated from the University of Missouri, and began his professional career at KMBC in Kansas City.  In 1993 he was named a correspondent for Eye-to-Eye with Connie Chung and in July of 1997, Mitchell was named co-anchor of CBS News Saturday Morning and traveled extensively as a reporter for the CBS Evening News with Dan Rather and 48 Hours. 

Mr. Mitchell was on the anchor desk with Dan Rather on September 11, 2001 and reported from Ground Zero and other parts of Manhattan on the days and weeks that followed.  Most recently, he anchored the live CBS Special Report coverage of the capture and death of Osama Bin Laden on May 1, 2011.

 2012 Students of Integrity
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  Alex Spanos

Alexander Spanos
Brookside High School
($2500 Scholarship Winner)

"At the beginning of my senior year, I was honored to be voted the president of our marching band. At the start of the year, everyone was excited for marching band so it was not hard keeping everyone united. As the year continued, the excitement wore off, and we ran into some other issues. One of these was a conflict between a senior and freshman. I took the senior off to the side and reminded him that, yes he was allowed to be demanding, but he also needed to treat the student with patience, kindness and encouragement. The senior adjusted his approach, and the student reacted in a positive manner."



Nicole Chesnokov

Nicole Chesnokov
Hathaway Brown School

True success is measured by the way you reach your goal, whether you stuck with the morals that have intrinsically run your life, and the values you know to be correct. We can all reach the same goal; some of us will choose to take the easy path with no resistance, but will end up living a falsified life of solitude. Or, we can take the harder road, tell the truth and pay for the consequeences, knowing that looking at the mirror will not make us cringe"

  Jennifer Polito
Jennifer Polito
Saint Joseph Academy

“Every person has the choice to do good. We must look at our mistakes, and others' mistakes, in the face, and learn from them. I motivate others by doing what is right and just, but mostly by standing up for the things I believe in. When we see others that we look up to, standing up for what is right, we follow. The most important part about being an advocate of good character is having good character yourself... Whether I affect many or few, I will instill morality the right way."

  Doo Hee Kim

Doo Hee Kim
Maple Heights High School

“Throughout my high school years, I’ve noticed students suddenly having short attention spans and falling asleep in classes but having the highest level of focus and forgoing sleep playing videogames. The reason for this phenomenon is simple: video games are much more entertaining than listening to lectures in classes; however, it is detrimental to students because education is what enables us to make sound judgments; it creates depth in our consciousness and helps us be at a higher level of society. Nonetheless, we can’t alter the entertainment and addiction that is intrinsic to games. Therefore, I question why can’t we incorporate the function of gaming into the world’s education system?"

  Allie Marincic

Alexandra Marincic
Maple Heights High School

“Upon being elected as president of our National Honor Society, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to utilize our group’s seventy talented members. However, I soon learned that most people were in the group for the recognition only, and that participation would be incredibly scarce. At first, I was frustrated, and I responded by criticizing the “slackers,” but that, of course, was more destructive than anything. After a while, I learned how to understand each person’s situation individually. I replaced my frustration with empathy, and my criticism with positive recognition. Things improved tremendously...Because people began to take pride in the group, our mission has become widely recognized, and members all-around feel a common desire to spread our aid to people in need."

Honorable Mention

Kevin Kuang, Maple Heights High School

Matthew Dober, Benedictine HIgh School

Cassandra Cameron, Berkshire Jr./Sr. High School

Bryan Jackisch, Perry High School

Agnes Mirando, Gilmour Academy

Leah Lindak, North Ridgeville High School

Richard Kraay, St Ignatius High School 

Mark Friedel, West Geauga High School

Kaylee Losch, Rocky River High School

Jami Tatulinski, Mentor High School

The BBB thanks the following organizations without whose support the Students of Integrity 2013 Program would not be possible: Corporate Sponsors Dominion and the Boler School of Business at John Carroll University and The Sheakley Group; and Corporate Supporters Easton Telecom Services, Benesch, and Apprisen Financial Advocates.