2010 Students of Integrity

2010 Students of Integrity
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Mercedes Engle
Saint Martin De Porres High School ($2500 Scholarship Winner)

“There are students who look to me as an example of how to be a person of character and integrity. I want them not to be like me but to be better"...more


Michael Blake
St. Ignatius High School

"Human beings are like tea bags, they don’t know their own strength until they’re in hot water…When I am stretched beyond my limits, I find truths about myself that I did not previously know. It is in these moments that my character is developed"...more

Grace Kelemen
Kirtland High School

"My experience as a tutor and mentor has proven to me what an important role my character plays…Often, the best displays of character offer no tangible reward and are made worthwhile by the satisfaction gained by making a positive change"...more

Rachel Tan
Mentor High School

"I truly believe that empathy is the key to all relationships and above all other aspects of character I value it the most. Although many traits affect my interactions with others, I believe empathy has affected my lifestyle and actions today"...more

Honorable Mention

Elliot Angart, Beachwood High School; Chelsea Cieker, Midpark High School; Matthew Logan, Padua Franciscan High School; Alexandra Mooney, Beaumont School; Noam Polster, Fuchs Mizrachi Of Cleveand; Ahave Schneider, Yavne High School; Megan Seaman, St. Joseph Academy; Megan Steinmetz, Berea High School; Abby Thayer, Riverside High School; Garrhett Via, Geneva High; Renee West, Whitney M. Young Gifted Education Campus