2009 Students of Integrity


2009 Students of Integrity
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Anna Lester
Garrett Morgan

Being a person of character has made me move form being a homeless six year old on the streets of Cleveland to a young adult with a strong G.P.A eager to attend college"...more

Marian Donahoe

Marian E. Donahoe
Lakewood High School

"I have come to the conclusion that there is someone exceptional in my life who has achieved and surpassed every aim listed in the “Uncommon Sense Declaration.”... more

Nathan Lauer
Fuchs Mizrachi

“The clear skies and warm temperature combined to make a perfect day for a pick-up game of baseball after school. However, this perfect day would soon be ruined by a growing number of rude stereotypical comments to one of the less popular kids”...more

Mary Prokop

“When tossing a stone into a pond, you can’t help but notice the ripples that spread through the water. In the same way, my smallest actions affect others”...more

Honorable Mention

Cassidy Artz, Hathaway Brown High School; Francine Jones, St. Peter Chanel High School; Taylor Nyman, Perry High School; Riddhi Patel, Wickliffe High School; Ariel Powell, St. Martin de Porres High School; Ariella Schabes, Beatrice Stone/Yavne High School; Erin Schneider, Avon High School; Partik Singh, Solon High School; Stetson Thacker, Cuyahoga Heights High School; Marilyn Wright, Maple Heights High School