2006 Students of Integrity


 2006 Students of Integrity
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Emily Ernes
Geneva High School

"I feel as if I am never standing alone because I have a strong base on which to stand that represents my moral foundation. I am fortunate to have had others guide me in ways of living a life of integrity. My parents have laid many bricks for this foundation by impressing upon me ways to live to gain respect from others. They have always taught me to be nice to everyone, treat others as equals, and be positive. Maintaining these values and many more every day is my personal goal."


Chelsea Miller
Riverside High School

"George Washington once said, "I hope I shall possess firmness and virtue enough to maintain what I consider the most enviable of all titles, the character of an honest man." Like our first President, I am passionate about the importance of character and integrity. Character is one of those few defining qualities that enable one to stand with pizzazz in an otherwise achromatic herd. While there are a plethora of traits that a person with character possesses and develops, I feel the key for me is compassion for others."

Lauren Goodman
Beachwood High School

"The most effective way to motivate others to be a person of character is to model these characteristics myself. Integrity is not something that is vocalized, rather it is demonstrated. I live my life day to day being true to myself and what I stand for."


Hannah Nichols
Olmsted Falls High School

"I've been told that many of my friends have been criticizing my decision behind my back. All I can do is ignore their criticism. I know that I will not be satisfied with myself if I don't do what is right and if I don't encourage others to do so as well."

Honorable Mention

Maria Cole, Regina High School; Kevin Fort, Charles F. Brush High School; Malka Golde Goodman, Beatrice J. Yavne High School; Suzanne Guttman, Fuchs Mizrachi School; Kevin Klonowski, St. Ignatius High School; Courtney McVey, Amherst Steele High School; Grace Needlman, Hathaway Brown School; Joanne Olszewski, Berea High School; Mededith Schoenberger, Shaker Heights High School; Anthony Weston, Jr., Madison High School