2005 Students of Integrity


2005 Students of Integrity
(with excerpts from the winning entries)

Racquel Armstrong, Hawken School, Shaker Heights

“I propose to motivate others to be as passionate as I am about exercising good character, by encouraging more people to get involved in community service because it not only makes you a humbler person, but it allows you to add another brick to the strong foundation that was lain for you to be nurtured and to blossom into a responsible moral American Citizen. If I can influence at least one person to do one thing to better their community, they will hopefully do the same for someone else and a chain of empowerment will be created for people as well as the community.”



Dinah Lewis, Shaker Heights High School, Shaker Heights

“So here I am in Nicaragua…..I think about my friends back at home, with luxuries that my Nicaraguan family has only heard rumors of. How can I make my peers realized that there is something bigger in the world than flat screen TVs, air conditioning and the newest cell phone model? I know in my heart that if they were in my shoes – if they had seen the look on the faces of the kids at the local orphanage, if they saw the conditions at the public hospital, if they passed the mounds of burning trash, if they saw the ghettos that stretched for miles – then they would understanding that it is their responsibility to help the other half of the world.”



Alexia Romero, Elyria Catholic High School

"While people can get ahead dishonestly, they lose out on something much more important: self-respect and other people’s respect for you. It is amazing how good you feel about yourself when you know that you have earned everything honestly and with hard work…..In my school, I am respected not because I have achieved great things, but rather because I have earned it honestly. Leading by example is the best way to show people the moral and the right way to achieve success."



Mark Wright,Cleveland Heights High School, Cleveland Hts.

"I am choosing not to succeed alone, but to help those around me who lack character and integrity.....I plan to be an example for African-American males. I want them to be as passionate about the importance of good character and integrity as I am.….I can relate my experiences…and be an example of how successful you can be socially and academically with good character. If I could impact at least one person I would be satisfied, knowing that I was able to help guide someone in the right direction.”