2004 Students of Integrity


2004 Students of Integrity
(with excerpts from the winning entries)

Maya Avitan
Beachwood High

"When the topic of cheating and ethics came up, I spoke about the notion that it was more important to do what was right than to reap the immediate benefits of unethical actions.”

Clare Brewka
St. Joseph Academy

"Believing that no one is a victim and that life is a choice are ideas that I find invaluable to my academic, physical, mental and spiritual growth and well-being."

Alexandria Howard
Hawken High

"When we can look inside ourselves and see that change needs to be made, then and only then can we have an impact on others."

Patrick Ziemnik
St. Edward High

"If a person believes in his deepest self-image that he is ethical and not hypocritical, and he lives out this image as fully as he possibly can, then he has character."