2003 Students of Integrity


2003 Students of Integrity
(with excerpts from the winning entries)



Jennifer Lynne Cawrse, Eastlake North High School

"I tried to treat them with the respect they deserved, even though I did not agree with the choices they made. In the end, my diligence paid off, and I was able to keep my friends and my integrity."


Kimberly Bean, East Technical High School

"I incorporated the ethics in the declaration with some that I already had and began to process the problem through my "filter of integrity." After closely analyzing all my possibilities I spoke to a teacher, whose advice I trusted."


Jessa Matt, Cuyahoga Heights High School

"Just as the Declaration reveals the rules of integrity, I can go on forever on how these simple rules of kindness, honesty and being true to oneself can apply to my ongoing conflict with my sister...deep down she looks up to me for wisdom, support and honesty."


Stephanie Ann Pearl, Charles F. Brush High School

"I could have acted on 'what was right' with greater compassion. But rather than dwell on past events, I must learn from my errors in order to develop into a responsible young adult and an individual of true