BBB Warns Property Owners To Avoid Doorstep Decisions

Better Business Bureau is warning about traveling contractors that are back in town
August 09, 2017

Contractor A Broadview Heights homeowner regrets his expensive decision to pay a canvassing contracting to seal his driveway.     

“(A truck) pulled in my asphalt driveway and offered to seal coat it for $1200,” he told BBB. “He was so nice. He did a very nice job but when he finished, he demanded $4,020. (The contractor was) big and intimidating so I paid him. I got ripped off."

The name on the business card was Seal-Tight Roofing with an address in Parma at 7452 Broadview Road. BBB has determined the address is a UPS Store.

The homeowner told BBB the company filled cracks and used a blower to dry the sealant.  The company vehicle’s license plate was covered with a dark material which, he explained to the  homeowner, was there to “avoid traffic cameras.”

Seal-Tight Roofing previously used an address in Warren, Ohio, and had an “F” rating with BBB due to an unanswered consumer complaint.  

The homeowner later called other companies to find out what they would charge for the job. He was surprised to learn he could have had the cracks sealed for $150.

“If you need repairs done to your property,” said BBB president, Sue McConnell, “don’t make a decision at your doorstep. Do your research. Make an informed decision and choose a reputable contractor.”  

BBB offers this advice:

  • Check with for the company’s BBB grade rating. You can also read complaint details and customer reviews for the business.  

  • Get more than one written estimate before making a decision.  When you have made your choice, get a written contract with all details (costs, warranties, date of completion, contact information of the business, and name of sales rep).

  • Do not be scared or intimidated into signing a contract or making the final payment if the job is not finished.

  • Get references from past customers, both older references to check on the quality of the work and newer references to make sure current employees are up to the task.

  • Google the name of the business, its phone number, address, email and name of the owner.  Look for negative reviews or other unfavorable mentions. See if any complaints are on file with the Ohio Attorney General.

  • Be certain the contractor obtains any required permits from your local city hall. Ask for proof of workers’ compensation coverage and insurance that protects you from damage.