BBB Warns NBA Finals Fans to Avoid Ticket Scammers

Better Business Bureau Serving Greater Cleveland (BBB) is warning consumers to use caution when buying NBA Final tickets
May 31, 2017

Cavs TicketsCavs versus the Warriors for the NBA crown. Deja vu all over again? The same can be said about ticket scammers who will be waiting online or outside the “Q” with handfuls of expensive fake tickets.

Better Business Bureau Serving Greater Cleveland (BBB) is warning consumers to use caution when buying tickets through online resellers, online classified ads, and scalpers hawking tickets outside the stadium. Last year, police arrested several people who were caught selling fake tickets on the street for games 3 and 4 of the NBA Finals.

“Scammers hoping to score will be scouting for eager fans willing to spend big bucks to get into the game,” said BBB president, Sue McConnell. “Don’t let them win.”

Your best defense?

  • Do your research. When purchasing tickets through an online broker, look for the BBB Accredited Business seal on its website and check its BBB Business Review and BBB rating at   

  • Be cautious of emails or social media postings claiming to have free tickets or unbelievable deals.

  • If you buy tickets through an online auction site, choose a seller with a long history of satisfied customers.

  • Deceptive ticket resellers can also mimic the websites of genuine box offices and event venues. Check the spelling of the url to make sure you are on the site you think you’re on.

  • Ticket buyers also should be wary of sellers who try to lure buyers from a legitimate site to another site for a “private” transaction.  Scammers often want to conduct their business on sites with names that mimic well-known companies but actually are fakes.

  • Don't buy from sellers who say you must pay via wire transfer, gift cards, or prepaid money cards. These are preferred payment methods for scam artists.

  • Try to use a credit card to make the purchase.  If a problem arises, federal regulations may limit your liability – and your credit card company may have a buyer protection program. Before entering your credit card information online, be sure the site has “https://” at the beginning of the website address. This means the site is encrypted and safer for use.

Regardless of what site you use, always check the policies regarding returns, guarantees, privacy, and all terms and conditions before purchasing.