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Educational Consumer Tips

Moving Household Goods in Ohio

Author: Better Business Bureau

The following general information is provided after all reports on moving companies.

In Ohio the moving industry is governed by rules enforced by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO).

Consumers have certain rights and responsibilities in the moving of household goods within the state. These include the right to a written estimate prior to a move that clearly and accurately describes all charges. Once signed by both parties, the estimate becomes the contract.

The moving company has the right to offer three different types of estimates: nonbinding, binding or guaranteed-not-to-exceed. This should be clearly explained on the estimate.

Consumers are encouraged to get as many estimates as needed and to compare the terms before signing. An oral estimate is permissible for charges of $500 or less.

Moving companies are responsible for damage to goods transported, but different types of coverage options are allowed and should be included in the contract. Consumers should check the type of coverage and, if inadequate, provide their own insurance or choose another mover. All terms of the move, including delivery dates, extra services, payment and consequences of changing circumstances of the move, should be clearly understood and made part of the contract.