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Educational Consumer Tips

Lawn Care Companies

Author: Better Business Bureau

The following general information is provided after all reports on companies in the lawn care industry.

Ask for a lawn inspection and free service estimate.  A lawn service that quotes a price without seeing your lawn can't be sure what your lawn may need.  What is the company's pricing system and what services are included?  Make sure to get that information and an agreement in writing.  Ask the company if they are licensed to apply lawn care products, such as pesticides, as required by state law.

The BBB routinely cautions that most lawn care companies use a "negative response or negative option" contract.  "Negative response" means the consumer need do nothing in order to continue services from year to year or from season to season.  The contract is automatically renewed and the responsibility for cancellation falls on the consumer.  Consumers should contact the lawn service firm in writing if they wish to discontinue services.