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Educational Consumer Tips

Computer Sales & Services

Author: Better Business Bureau

The following advice is given after all reports on companies in the computer industry.

The Cleveland BBB routinely recommends that you check out a firm before purchasing computer equipment, be it a retail store or a mail order company.

Research the quality, capability and features of the product, both hardware and software.

Review and understand warranties prior to purchase of the product. Many firms in the industry have only a limited refund and exchange policy, often 30 days, some as short as 14 days.

When dealing with a mail order company, shipping costs, no matter what the reason, is usually the responsibility of the purchaser with a 15% to 20% restocking fee if the product is returned and is not defective.

Buyers should always keep a copy of the order form and other documentation about the company.

Upon receipt of the product and unpacking, check the physical order against the original purchase order, not the invoice, immediately. If there are any problems, report the problems as indicated in company paperwork, following all directions exactly. Often the original contract of sale will contain very specific directions, that must be followed, or no remedies are available.