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Educational Consumer Tips

Credit Card Offers

Author: Better Business Bureau

The following general information is provided after all reports on companies making credit card offers.

The Cleveland BBB routinely advises consumers to thoroughly review a credit card offer, since experience shows that there are many variations currently solicited to the public.

Many credit card offers are not made by a bank, but involve third parties that may charge a fee just to provide an application for a credit card.

Some offers may require you to deposit money in an out-of-state bank before getting your credit card. This money will act as a credit limit or collateral for your account. A collateralized account can be a way to prove responsibility in paying credit card bills, but you may be able to get such a card without paying a fee to a third party through local banks.

Companies may also send a credit card which can be used only to make purchases from the company's own merchandise catalog, rather than the expected Visa or Mastercard.

Other offers may not be for a credit card at all, but an offer to provide you with a list of credit card providers.

Consumers are advised to check out the offer and the company prior to sending any money.