Learn more about what your BBB has to offer.

BBB Anytime Line - By dialing (216) 241-7678 , callers can get reports on thousands of companies and charities or learn how to order BBB Wise Buying brochures, obtain information on BBB Dispute Resolution Services, obtain lists of BBB Accredited Businesses in various industries, and hear recorded consumer tips 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Cleveland BBB Website - By visiting the Cleveland BBB website, you can obtain reports about companies doing business locally and around the country, file complaints online, be connected to the vast BBB consumer and business resource network and learn about BBB accreditation.

Company Reliability Reports - The Better Business Bureau reports on many firms doing business in the Greater Cleveland BBB’s five county area. Before buying a product or service from a firm with which you’ve had no previous experience, call the BBB at (216) 241-7678 or 1-800-233-0361 or check the report on our website .

Charities Rated - The Cleveland BBB and the Wise Giving Alliance of the Council of Better Business Bureaus rate charitable organizations and solicitations based on 20 standards. This assures that the dollars you give generously go to worthy, responsible organizations. Reports include a review of the charities’ compliance such important standards as Governance, Use of Funds, Programs, and Fundraising Practices. Click here for more information.

BBB Educational Efforts - The BBB maintains a library of concise, informative brochures on numerous subjects, ranging from Appliance Service to Work-at-Home Schemes.Books on wise buying, protecting your business, and investment fraud are also available. The Better Business Bureau also makes hundreds of appearances in the local media, speeches to consumer organizations, and addresses to schools -- all to help the public avoid potential scams and be smarter shoppers.

BBB Standards for Trust- While the Better Business Bureau reports on many thousands of BBB accredited and non-accredited firms, the BBB also tells you which companies in this area have pledged to uphold our ethical standards and go the extra mile to resolve complaints by virtue of their BBB accreditation. For a list of BBB Accredited Businesses in a certain business classification, call (216) 241-7678, or visit the reports page of our website.

Complaint Handling - The BBB processes and works to resolve thousands of complaints each year. The Better Business Bureau also maintains a database of referral agencies and can help you find assistance with many consumer issues outside the Bureau’s purview. Click here to find out more about filing a complaint .

BBB Arbitration - The BBB provides an arbitration service at no charge to consumers and BBB Accredited Businesses who want to resolve disagreements quickly, fairly and inexpensively.

AUTO LINE - This BBB program provides direct access to many U.S. and Foreign auto manufacturers to help ensure customer satisfaction. The Auto Line program handles disputes involving the many manufacturers. If you are having a problem with a vehicle from a manufacturer not currently participating in BBB Auto Line, the Better Business Bureau can refer you to ndustry-sponsored program to address your concerns.

BBB OnLine - This special business program gives participants a special BBB seal for online use, which gives their Internet browsers and customers greater confidence. The seal is evidence of BBB scrutiny of the background and business practices of the firm, and a pledge by the firm to arbitrate unresolved disputes arising from Internet commerce