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New!!! Exclusive Website for BBB Accredited Businesses!

We have added a new section to our Website designed with you in mind – the BBB Accredited Business (AB) Pages.

Visit this site to get real time activity stats on:

  • The total number of BBB Accredited Business lists by industry provided to consumers
  • How many times the BBB Accredited Logo was clicked on your website.
  • E-quote requests sent to you by potential customers
  • You can also download BBB Accredited Business logos for your promotional use, check out many other ways to promote your BBB affi liation, update your company’s BBB file, view fraud alerts, read current and past BBB newsletters, get the scoop on discount tickets and events, plus much, much more

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Promote Your Accredited Business

You can be proud of your status as a BBB Accredited Business. It reflects what you stand for and what you have achieved as a business. It tells consumers you are committed to the BBB Standards for Trust – the standards of fair, honest, and ethical business practices you agreed to live up to when you joined the BBB.

When you joined the BBB, you received a plaque and decals to display at your place of business. The items below are additional products that are available for purchase. They can be displayed at your place of business, trade show booth on company vehicles and literature – anyplace you want to convey your commitment.

To Purchase: Contact Janice Lightner at (216) 623-8964 x207 or Payment can be made by Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express or check.

BBB Plaque

Wall Plaque $5.00 
Easel Plaque $7.00
7.75" x 10.5"
You will receive a free "year"
sticker with your annual

Window Decal
2" x 3"
$2.00 Each Additional 


Vehicle Magnet
6.5" x 10" 
For use on company vehicles. 

Vehicle Magnet (Smaller)                  
For use on Vehicles  

 BBB Stickers
"Start With Trust "Stickers
$15.00 per roll of 500 stickers.

Use these on your sales literature, contracts, and
other promotional material.


If you would like the sticker graphic emailed to you as a file that you can use to print it on your own materials, please contact Janice Lightner at (216) 623-8964 x 207 or email

Table Tents

Table Tents - FREE (8 1/2" x 11") 
Great for trade/consumer shows to display at your booth. 
If you would like a table tent, please contact Janice Lightner at (216) 623-8964
x 207 or email

BBB Accredited Business Seals 
here for downloadable versions of the BBB Accredited Business seal. You will need a user name and password to access the seals. If you do not have these, please contact: Sue McConnell at

Discounts for BBB Accredited Business
Click here for discounts for BBB Accredited Business

BBB Newsletter
The bimonthly “Market Monitor” contains articles of interest to you and your employees. Click here to read the current edition and get access to past issues.