Work From Home Company Generating Complaints

BBB|Cincinnati is issuing a warning about Master Writing Jobs after receiving almost 5,900 inquiries about its business practices and 53 complaints since the beginning of the year. This business offers a $35 one-time membership fee providing customers with access to freelance writing jobs they can complete from home.
October 19, 2017

Requests for Refunds, Inquiries Prompts Investigation

The number of inquiries and requests for refunds from several of the customers prompted a BBB investigation. Customers complained that the job listings were not what they expected when they logged into the website and they weren't refunded the membership fee as promised by the company's advertising on the website.

BBB sent a letter requesting to meet with this business to resolve the complaints and review its advertising. After not receiving a response, BBB then tried to determine the location of the business, but it was not able to find an exact location of the business or a working phone number to speak with a representative. However, the email address on file for the business does appear to be active.

This business has issued some refunds to date.

Looking for a Work-From-Home Job? Watch Out For These Signs

  • When considering a work from home type of position, get all of the details in writing. Ask how do you get paid? Are you paid per piece or per hours worked?  Are there any costs you must pay upfront?

  • Work-from-home or secret shopper positions will typically list a generic job titles such as caregiver, administrative assistant, or customer service representative because these are entry level jobs that require minimal experience.

  • If the job posting is for a well-known brand, check the actual company website’s job page to see if the position is posted there or call them directly to see if the position exists.

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