BBB Warning: Local Business Spoofed By Scammers

February 02, 2017

Any job offers extended from should not be accepted.

BBB has learned that the domain for the website is registered in Hong Kong and isn’t the website for Rapid Delivery Service, a BBB Accredited Business located in Cincinnati. The fake website is set up with specific details designed to make it seem legitimate - like the real business' address - but in actuality, the site is based out of China and doesn’t represent Rapid Delivery Service.  Any job offers that come from this site should be treated cautiously because it may be related to a package reshipping scam.

Reshipping scams are where job seekers are hired to unknowingly smuggle stolen goods out of the country or distribute counterfeit money orders to scammers. By simply removing one address label and replacing it with another, the unsuspecting worker participates in mail fraud.

Rapid Delivery Service is aware of the scam and confirmed they’ve received calls about the job, though they didn’t send out any job postings and currently don’t have a website. BBB contacted the Postal Inspection Service to alert them of a potential package reshipping scam.

Through Scam Tracker data, BBB discovered that the fake position advertised a salary of $2,700 for the first month of work, increasing to $600 per week plus $15 for each package delivered. The job reportedly involved collecting packages, taking their photos and uploading those photos onto a website; once that was complete and the postage for the package was received, the worker was then to send the package to a separate address.

It is important for job searchers to be wary of email offers that promise large profits with minimal effort or companies that extend an offer of employment without an interview. Additional red flags may include recruiters who will only interview via chat or email instead of conducting an interview in person or online. Activity like this should be reported immediately.

Scam activity can be reported to BBB’s Scam Tracker either by phone at 513-421-3015 or online at  

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