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Real Estate Sales Companies & Agents

Author: Better Business Bureau

A competent real estate agent provides many valuable services: assessing a value for your current home, devising a marketing strategy for it, screening financially qualified buyers, and coordinating the myriad details of the sale. The agent and company that you select should be licensed, reputable, and someone with whom you feel very comfortable.

Buying a new home involves a similar level of comfort and confidence. Many of the issues are the same, but this time from the buyer's point of view. To build this confidence you can expect that the agent will need to get more personal about your lifestyle. The agent will need information not only about your desires in a new home but also information about your financial status. With this information the agent can also recommend lenders for a loan. You can also expect that the agent will have ready access to information about neighborhoods, schools, churches, utilities, shopping, medical facilities, conveniences, and the community in general.

For everyone's protection - whether buying or selling - sellers of residential properties are required to disclose various aspects of their property's physical condition by completing the residential property disclosure form. Study that form closely.

Complaints with an agent or broker should be first be filed with the agent's real estate broker or company then with BBB, your state's licensing board, real estate BBB, or commission.

Take your time. This is probably the biggest sale, or purchase, you will ever make.

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