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Prescription Drugs

Author: Better Business Bureau

With new drugs, increasing life spans and new treatments to increase them, people are depending more than ever on prescription drugs. There has never been a greater need for consumers to get the most out of their drugs at the least cost.

First, consumers should not rely solely on their doctor's information. They need to become as informed as possible about their medical condition and what a given drug may do for them. For additional valuable information talk to the pharmacist, not just a clerk. Get and read whatever printed material your pharmacy may have. Visit the Internet, perform a search for the name of your drug. Also, look for information in the library.

The cost of drugs is rising very rapidly. There are some things you can do to minimize that impact. Ask your doctor about the possibility of prescribing generic drugs. Join a drug insurance plan if one is available to you. Submit your prescriptions, especially for maintenance drugs, by mail or Internet and receive them by return mail. If it is a maintenance drug, ask your doctor for the longest prescription period allowed by your drug plan. A one month prescription will often cost the same as a four month prescription.

Finally, remember that prescriptions are fully transferable between competing pharmacies and between mail order services. If you are dissatisfied by any particular pharmacy, simply make a phone call to your new pharmacy to transfer your business at any time.

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