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Author: Better Business Bureau

When looking for an optometrist or optician to care for you or your family, consider the following:

* Get competitive prices.
* Check references.
* Understand & keep copy of contract & warranty.
* Fill in all blanks before signing.
* Get delivery date, cost, oral promises & refund policy in writing.

For further information, you can contact your state's Board of Optometry.

When selecting eye care, there are three commonly confused terms

An optmetrist measures visual defects and prescribes lenses to correct imperfect vision.

An optician is a skilled technician who uses that prescription make corrective lenses.

An ophthalmologist is a doctor who can perform the same functions as an optometrist but he can also treat eye problems through surgery.

All three of these professionals may be found in the same office in order to complement each other's business. However, a consumer with a prescription is free to select any optician they choose to make cost, quality, and style comparisons.

If you are interested in advice concerning Lasik or PRK surgery,
please speak to a customer service representative for more information about this subject.

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